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Buenos Aires, OO, ar
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  http://loyalmaggie.crissangel.com/   Thank you darling! Happy happy happy happy happy birthday Criss beautifuuul angel! To view this bigger picture and see my birthday message to Criss click here ♥ Do you like my graphics !? Look all or make your order here ♥ ♥ and Happy Crissmas to all! ♥ So sweet! I believe in you Criss, for ever! Because... He taught me to believe "LOVE LIVES FOREVER" - Criss Angel Leave your comment HERE ↓ Loyal Kisses to all! Make your orders loyals http://crissangel.yuku.com/topic/6290?page=1 Thank you loyals for all his Love ↓ ♥ Thank you very much Loyal Caitlin for this beautifull picture Muchas gracias mi amiga PaulisMindfreakEres taaaaaan especial para mi  Estoy tan feliz de haberte conocido!  Adoro tu arte!   Eres increiblee!!!! Cuenta con migo my friend!   I love youuuu! ♥Hasta Las Vegas no paramos JAJA!!!  You are an Angel Paulis ♥ and thank you very very much Loyal Bre30 be your sweet picture, I get to my heart For ever Criss... I promise

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